Since I just spent some amazing time in the states I had to share a guide with all of you so. New York is the heart of great food, chic shopping and history. I have posted some of my favorite restaurants for you to visit when your living the New York dream.


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A tapas restaurant located in meatpacking, just by Pier 57. You can enjoy some jamon and a rioja in their divine rustic atmosphere.  It’s the perfect place to have dinner after a long shopping day, remember they don’t take reservations so come in time.

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The Standard Grill.

Its that chic New York Meatpacking feeling. The hotel does not just have the chicest restaurant in the meatpacking district but also the best burger. They have a terrace and a garden where you can hang after your dinner with a delish penny drop, my favorite dink made of ginger and vodka.

Spice Market.

The Asian restaurant in New York. They serve the best papadums and the most delish wok. If you like spicey and tasty, spice market is the one Asian lounge your should pass by.




The chicest lunch place ever. Fantastic burger and amazing sallads. Its that french bistro you just can’t miss in SoHo.


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La Colombe.

The best shopping break to hit when you need to reload. Located in the heart of SoHo with their strong coffee and perfect bench in the sun.


Navy Bar.

Chicest seafood and vegetables restaurant located in SoHo. If ever in the mood for some fresh seafood when your on your shopping spree, pass by Navy Bar.

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La Equina.

Mexican street food. Lovely taquitos and fresh margaritas. The ultimate taqueria on manhattan.

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The Mercer Kitchen.

Inside The Mercer Hotel you find a chic bistro serving sophisticated american food. The classic burger is always a goof choice or their pasta is beyond delish as well.


Cafe Gitane.

They serve breakfast, sandwicher and delish salads.



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Its the major food market located in Nomad. It has a pizza/pasta area, market where you can enjoy charcuteries, fish, meat or vegetables.

You can drop by to enjoy a glass of wine while you wait for your table and look at the market. All menues inside the market are super delish, perfect for lunch just as dinner.

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Tobys Estate.

The sweetest little cafe in the Nomad area. Located next to my beloved Eataly food market.
They serve coffee and inside the coffee shop they have a little book shoop.



That Northern Italian retsuarnt. All pasta – Delish!

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Is the urban super cool liquor bistro in East village. Completley love their beetsalad and the delish choco bomb dessert. The staff is super nice and you truely enjoy fresh food in a urban atmosphere. The perfect lunch if your about to cross over to Brooklyn.


A french little bistro located in East village. Delish Moules Marinere with staff speaking french english. Super charming!


The Spotted Pig.

Famous for their burgers and one michelin star however if your not in the mood for THE new york burger you can enjoy a salad, fish or sandwiches.


THE french bistro in West village. Its the perfect lunch bistro when you strolling around the west side!

Their salads are amazing. They dont take reservations so come in time or with patience.



What to say. The chicest from Italy. Best deco and enhances that major New York feeling inside Gran Central. Can it get any chicer?



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Its like coming home when you in New York. You have a great “fika”. Big coffee and a cinnamon bun. Sadly I discovered this place way to late on my vacation but I recomend you to pass by one of their cafes when your in New York. They have 3 different locations over Manhattan: Downtown, Midtown and one by Central Park.


Hope you will enjoy some of these tips when in New York!




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When I am not haning around the blog,I am here.



Gjorde en överträfflig falafel igår. Min man har fått ärva en tajine som vi invigde och serverade vår Marrakesh inspirerade middag på. Såg så himla smarrigt ut med alla färger eller vad tycker ni?

1. Tvätta kikärtorna
2. Hacka persilja, koriander
3. Tillsätt kryddor (kummin, dalt, peppar, paprika pulver) och örterna
4. Mixa all med en stavmixer
5. Låt stå i rumstemperatur 30 min
6. Forma små bollar. De till att rulla dem väl annars spricker dem när du friterar
7. Fritera på medel i 4-7 min

Did a yummy falafel last night. My hubby has inherited a tajine which we inaugurated and served our Marrakech inspired dinner. Looked so beyond with all colors or what do you think?

1. Wash the chick peas
2. Chop parsley, coriander
3. Add the spices (cumin, dalt, pepper, paprika) and herbs
4. Mix all with a hand blender
5. Let stand at room temperature 30 minutes
6. Form small balls. Roll them well otherwise burst them when you friterar
7. Deep fry on medium for 4-7 min



Everything beyond delish!


Igår åt vi en så himla god focaccia. Vi lade soltorkade semillino tomater, lade en burrata och lite basilika ovanpå. Ett fräscht tilltugg eller enkel middag.

Yesterday we had a divine focaccia. We put sun dried semillino tomatoes, split a burrata and some basil to make it more tasty. It’s the perfect side dish or as a easy dinner.

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3

Ready to dig in


Fredag. Fredagsmys. Antipasti. Lasagne. Helg.
Idag gjorde vi en lasagne på spenat, kyckling och ricotta.
En antipasti av oliver, paprika och kronärtskocka.

Önskar er alla en skön helg!

Friday. Fridaycuddle. Antipasti. Lasagne. Weekend.
Today we made a lasagne of spinach, chicken and ricotta.
A antipasti of olives, artichokes and peppers.

Wishing you all a major weekend!





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