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OUTFIT. Äntligen fredag och nästan helg! Det är något alldelles speciellt med att dra på sig en snygg fredagsoutfit och beta av sina sista “to do”s innan man går på helg.

OUTFIT. Finnaly friday and soon weekend! There is a special feel with waking up friday morning and putting on that chic fridayoutfit before doing the last “to do”s and going on weekend.

Pants – Zara, Vest – Oldie but goodie, Shirt – Zara (old), Shoes – Jeffery Campbell, Hat – Art Comes First, Bag – Celine (look for your dreambag here!)

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Igår kom min syster äntligen loss från sitt jobb i London och kunde komma över för att fira vår farmor som precis fyllt 90! Ikväll ska vi ha en familjemiddag på Pålsjö krog för att fira henne!

So yesterday My sister finally got some time off her work in London and could come over! We are all here to celebrate the 90th birthday if my granny. So tonight I am having a quiet family dinner at Pålsjö Krog to pay my super tribute to my granny, she’s is so amazing and fun!
Hope you are enjoying your saturday.

Here are some snaps from our mother/daughters coffee yesterday.

Me and my sis. do we look alike?

Me outside my favourite coffee shop Koppi in Helsingborg.

A sisters chat
So fresh I finally could furry up! Loving how my fox catches the fresh vind!

Twisted ring – Paula Mendoza, Stone ring – YSL

So happy to see my dearest sister


Jag hittade mig själv i Glamour.es arkiv. Dessa street style bilderna tog de under modeveckan, 080, förra året.

Found myself in the Glamour.es archive. These picutes are taken at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week a year ago.

street_style_080_barcelona_756122982_543xRings from YSL and Bimba y Lola, Braclet – Sophie by Sophie

street_style_080_barcelona_606762377_335x street_style_080_barcelona_911573378_320x


Wering Jeans – Jbrand, Bag – Celine, Shoes – Zara, Shirt – Zara, Fur – Mauro Grifoni